Why Tablet Menu?

Along side technology, we have many properties that eases your work.

Printing Costs

You can get rid off the menu cost twice a year.


You can take ads and earn advertisement income or increase your sales rate by making ads of your own products that you desire to be highlighted.

Instant Stock and Price Update

You can hide items that are out of stock, while menu prices can be changed instantly.

Customer Satisfaction

You will be able to explore the feedback from your customers using the satisfaction questionnaire in the tablet menu. Thus, you can improve the quality of services.

Control is completely in your hands with THUNDER

The tablet menu will be able accept an order in just a few seconds.
It is so easy to get waiter’s approval for a client following the decision of order.
It is so easy to create a shortcut key for the products that you want to bring to the fore and to advertise the product that you want or the firm which you make a deal with.


We offer only those services in which we are professionals.
With our team that has settled down to the sectors of software and restaurant for years, we know what you want exactly because we are in this sector for many years!

Below is a short list of benefits that we are ready to offer you..


The possibility to fully integrate Thunder with the accounting, financial and inventory ROP systems.

Terminals and Printers

For example, with THUNDER you can print out a single check with the cola, drunk by a customer at the bar, and the meal ordered in the kitchen.

Order & Confirmation by a Waiter

You will be able to take orders directly from the system, as well as after a waiter's confirmation. You have complete control over THUNDER..

Out of Stocks & Products

Stocks of finished products do not appear in menu, so your customers will be able to focus on the available products.

Waiter Calling

Waiters will receive automatic notification about the orders from the respective tables. Also, customers can easily call a waiter using the tablet menu THUNDER..

Live Broadcaste

Your customers will be able to look after their children on the playground in real-time without breaking away from the dinner.

Not Only a la carte Products

Customers can select product with detail like pizza! Can select base, free materials, standart materials etc.

Parking and Taxi

Customers wants to ready their car or taxi before they stand up from the table.

Don’t Rely on the Internet

You don’t need to depend on the reliability of the Internet connection. It’s better to solve this problem by our means.

Customer Satisfaction

You can get feedback from customers via THUNDER. In addition to the review you can see on which day, at which table and with which order the review was left. All the information is in your hands.

Get Rid of Fetters

There is no need to use third-party software. Let all your data be stored within your business under your complete control. At which day what products were sold and for what amount? Why do you need to share this information with third parties?

Safe with Cloud

Your data will be transmitted to the cloud server, preventing the data loss in case of failure of your server.


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About Us

We have 10-years experience in the restaurant business and software development..


Quality Service

With our extensive network in Turkey we can provide assistance on-site or remotely..

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For Use Thunder

If you would like improve the quality of your services and facilitate the operation of your business with the help of THUNDER,you will be required a minimum of effort.
The following steps are the all you need to get started with THUNDER














Inside your restaurant you’ll have the same system of instant orders
like most of the systems for ordering food via the Internet, demo of which you download from the AppStore or Google Play.


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